Sarrah Reshamwala
B. Arch 2015
San Jose, California, United States
Jeff Jacobs
Computer Science '14
New York, New York, United States
$22 billion could go a long way if invested responsibly- Jeff JacobsRon Swenson
Engineering Science BS 1964; Mechanical Engineering MS 1968
Santa Cruz, CA, United States
The Solarevolution: Way more with way less right now- Ron SwensonRead MoreMaria Schmidt
Biology 1979
Tarrytown, NY, United States
- Maria SchmidtRead MoreAndrew Liao
Human Biology
Stanford, CA, United States
Nicolas Perdomo
Symbolic systems '16
Stanford , California, United States
Kelsey Vandermeulen
Atmosphere/Energy '09
San Francisco, California, United States
John Canfield
MBA 1995
San Carlos, CA, United States
Stanford Univ understands the science of climate change. Why then will it invest in companies who financial success is tied to the destruction of our planet's climate?- John CanfieldSusan Tu
M.A. Education 2010
San Francisco, CA, United States
Jane huang
Symbolic Systems '09
Palo Alto, ca, United States
I am proud of Stanford for switching to green energy, but I know we can do more.- Jane huangJason Delborne (Dell)
Human Biology
Raleigh, NC, United States
How we invest shows what we believe- Jason Delborne (Dell)Read MoreKue Chang
Sociology 15'
Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
Divest from it all already! - Kue ChangDavid Sowerwine
Chem Engr '62 MBA '72
Menlo Park, California, United States
Appreciate the leadership of the 2016 Class!- David SowerwineJane Huang
Symbolic Systems '09
Palo Alto, California, United States
Michael Aklufi
Law, 1998
New York, NY, United States
Anne Hollander
BA Self-Designed Major in International Public Policy '78; MA Food Research Institute, '79
Bethesda, MD, United States
Divestment would be a powerful act of moral and economic leadership; the time has come! - Anne HollanderKaren Luvpcas
Biology 1970
Apple Valkey, Minnesota, United States
What more can you do when confronting extinction? - Karen LuvpcasRachel Ozer
Mechanical Engineering
Los Angeles , CA, United States
Byron Vosburg
BS Biological Sciences '09 | MS Civil & Environmental Engineering '10
San Francisco, CA, United States
Haney Armstrong
Communications 1975
San Francisco, California, United States
Allison Arnold
Earth Systems '99
Seattle, Washington, United States
There is no Planet B- Allison ArnoldRead MoreMargo Browning
English and Communications, '77
Charlottesville, VA, United States
Jessica Jenkins
International Relations '03
San Jose, CA, United States
Charlies Johnson
Engineering Physics '13
Los Angeles, CA - California, United States
Mark Dixon
Industrial Engineering, '97
Pittsburgh, PA, United States
Leadership that excludes meaningful climate action promotes profound injustice.- Mark DixonRead MoreDominick Francks
Atmosphere/Energy '16
Stanford, California, United States
Nicole Wires
Earth Systems, BS '08, MS '10
Oakland, CA, United States
This is just the beginning, but we must start somewhere.- Nicole WiresJimmiXS yTTCsJXQEzPwpMM
New York, NY, Cyprus
NY- JimmiXS yTTCsJXQEzPwpMMRead MoreCharmaine Berry
BA HumBio '75; MS Env'l Engnrg '79
Walnut Creek, California, United States
Do the Right Thing- Charmaine BerryRead MoreEmmanuel Dayan
MFA '08
New York, NY, Palau
NY- Mark OLrvdEXPHPRPERqRead MoreJake Friedler
Comparative Literature '15
Oakland, CA, United States
GEETA Jyothi (Judi) Goldman McGahey
BS, Biology '68
Let us invest in Solutions. The winter arctic ice is 1/15 its maximum area- GEETA Jyothi (Judi) Goldman McGaheyeva orbuch
urban studies and education
San Francisco, CA, United States
Patricia BlackDecima
Biological Sciences 63
Yerba Buena, Tucuman, Argentina
Cameron Madill
History '03, Physics '03
Portland, Oregon, United States
Moral leadership is needed from Stanford on this issue. The time to act is now.- Cameron MadillBradley Heinz
Anthropology '08
San Francisco, CA, United States
Ben Evans
Science, Technology, & Society '92
Louisville, KY, United States
It's the right thing to do. - Ben EvansWilliam Lake
LL.B 1968
Washington, DC, United States
Stanford should lead on this as it has on so many things.- William LakeMatt Evans
Economics '01
San Francisco, CA, United States
Amy Wagner
Earth Systems
San Francisco , CA, United States
Mark Leahy
Human Biology, BA (Class of 1981); Biology, MS 1982
Seattle, WA, United States
I support FFS!- Mark LeahyRead MoreDan Greaney
English, '79
Redding, CA, United States
Stanford shouldn't be another institution that failed to act.- Dan GreaneyRead MoreMark fDZwcFFqdH
New York, NY, Gibraltar
NY- Mark fDZwcFFqdHRead MoreAmanda Zerbe
Earth Systems / International Relations '15
New York, Abkhazia
Zachary Brown
PhD Environmental Science 2014
Gustavus, AK, United States
It is time for Stanford to heed the world's call.- Zachary BrownRead MoreManik Roy
B.S. Civil Engineering '79, M.S. Environmental Engineering '80
Arlington, VA, United States
Divestment = moral leadership- Manik RoyRead MoreChristine Gutierrez
B.A., Humanities Special Programs/Renaissance Studies '87; M.A., Education '88
Santa Monica , CA, United States
Investing in extracting and burning fossil fuels that burn the Earth endows infamy, hypocrisy and folly, not education.- Christine GutierrezJoel Minor
J.D./M.S. Environment & Resources '14
Denver, CO, United States
Pretending that we can end our dependence on fossil fuels by investing in them is like pretending you can quit smoking by smoking cigarettes. It doesn't work.- Joel MinorRead MoreKevin Hsu
Earth Systems '08, M.S. Environmental Engineering '11
Los Altos, CA, United States
Robert Wolf
Math Ph.D. 1974
San Luis Obispo, California, United States
Natalie Gonzalez
Architectural Design
Bailey, Colorado, United States
Mark Peterson
Chemistry '80
Tucson, AZ, United States
Inaction is not an option.- Mark PetersonRead MoreJacob Boehm
Music '12
Chapel Hill, NC, United States
ronald long
Psychology '74
woodinville, Washington, United States
Charles Glick
Los Angeles, California, United States
Brad Huang
BAS 15', MS 17'
Taichung, Taiwan, Taiwan / ROC
Raymond Daly
Computer Science B.S. '09, Computer Science M.S. '11
Palo Alto, California, Abkhazia
Akshai Baskaran
Chemical Engineering '15
San Francisco, CA, United States
Ava Roy
Ritual and Performance in Aesthetic Eduction, '03
El Cerrito, CA, United States
Karen Martin
Boxford, Ma, United States
What good will your investments be if we do not have a livable planet?- Karen MartinWalter Mintkeski
MS Engineering 1972
Portland, OREGON, United States
Economics 1966
Nevada City, CA, United States
What matters to me is saving our species.- JOHN HARDESTYJennifer Kaku
English '80
Paris, France
Clara McCreery
Chemical Engineering '15
Somerville, MA, United States
We can be better than this- Clara McCreeryGregory Smith
Computer Science, BS '92 MS '94
Bellevue, Washington, United States
Looking back 100 years from now, future generations will think we were insane not to act.- Gregory Smithxzzubwhdlj xzzubwhdlj
pyyVtqPS, VKdHNJqq, Finland
eoHZcWXL- xzzubwhdlj xzzubwhdljRead MoreSophia Christel
Earth Systems '15
Palo Alto, CA, United States
Andrea Acosta
English Literature '14
Houston, Texas, United States
Lauren Casey
Earth Systems '05, Atmosphere Energy '06
Santa Rosa, CA, Abkhazia
Stanford must lead towards a prosperous and just future.- Lauren Caseyconrjerz conrjerz
fKiQnHuoQpqgKWcyTnw, pxftZpyJvvkJdGTam, Brunei
pEqoHtbFLEPBYyCRgiZ- conrjerz conrjerzRead MoreAmanda Zerbe
Earth Systems / International Relations '15
New York, United States
Christopher Wilson
BA English ' 67; MBA '82
Mill Valley, California, United States
- Christopher WilsonRead MoreTim Huang
B.A. Human Biology '14, M.A. Education '14
Thimphu, Bhutan
Shira Wohlberg
Linguistics 1992, Education 1993
Williamstown, Massachusetts, United States
Barbara Sinton Wilson
BA History
Mill Valley, California, United States
"And no challenge — no challenge — poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change," President Obama, SOTU, 2015- Barbara Sinton WilsonLeander Love-Anderegg
Human Biology '11
Palo Alto, CA, United States
Divestment is Stanford's moral imperative as a global thought leader- Leander Love-AndereggJim Clapp
Communications, B.A. 1970
Detroit Lakes, MN, United States
Karen Holl
Biology '89
Felton, CA, United States
Susan Prince
Batchlor's, history 1971, masters, education 1972
Alta, California, United States
Stanford can set an example for universitits across the country in moving toward a renewable energy future. It's the right thing to do. - Susan PrinceCathy Easterbrook Monroe
BA Art History '70
Redwood Valley, California, United States
We need to invest to the future.- Cathy Easterbrook MonroeKirstin Wagner
International Relations 2015
Seattle, Washington, United States
Robert Wolf
Math Ph.D. 1974
San Luis Obispo, CA, United States
Ayesha Rasheed
Biology '14
Los Angeles, United States
Graham Provost
Atmosphere/Energy '13/'14
San Carlos, CA, United States
Aliza Gazek
Human Biology '13
Brooklyn, NY, United States
I stand for a fossil free Stanford.- Aliza GazekRead MoreLucas Morton
Earth Systems 2002
San Diego, California, United States
Divest is best. - Lucas MortonRead MoreJordan Miller
Mechanical Engineering '15
Stanford, California, United States
Brooke Love
Geology, '97
Bellingham, Washington, United States
Brent Schulkin
Communications '03
Oakland, CA, United States
- Brent SchulkinRead MoreAkashay Agarwal
BSc Electrical Engineering
Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States
Linda Agerbak
BA English 58
Arlington, MA - Massachusetts, United States
I give to Environmental Defense Fund instead of Stanford- Linda AgerbakAdam Gwosdof
VTSS '88
New York, NY, United States
Sharon Klein
MA Education
Solana Beach, CA-California, Abkhazia
Fossil fuels are killing our planet.- Sharon KleinWitney McKiernan
Human Biology
Menlo Park, CA, United States
Karen McChrystal
Santa Monica, California, United States
Thomas Hendee
Human Biology '13
São Paulo, Brazil
This is a waiting game no one has time for- Thomas HendeeRobert Wolf
Math Ph.D. 1974
San Luis Obispo, CA, United States
McKay Moore Sohlberg
Human Biology
Eugene, Oregon, United States
Climate change: Humans caused it. We need to respond. - McKay Moore SohlbergRead More